Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Scouting for Perfect Swing in Shreveport, Louisiana

Our last stop on the way to Dallas, Texas this summer was in Shreveport, Louisiana to visit with my Sister-In-Law, Rebecca, and her awesome family!  After Nouvelle Vie wrapped in Indiana we had time to visit extended family in Illinois for a couple weeks.  We rested and recovered from the long days on set and enjoyed being with family and eating large midwest meals twice a day plus dessert!  But when we arrived in Shreveport our pace of life began to pick back up to work mode.  David, Rebecca's husband, reminded me of a golf course that was owned by his Pastor and that I should check it out.  Our first meeting at the Shreveport Country Club began with the General Manager asking to begin and told me that the Lord spoke to him yesterday and told him that a movie was going to be shot here as well as some other details from our story.  I was blown away and blessed that God went before me like that.  I tried to explain to him the negative impact a film crew and 200+ extras may have on his course.  He didn't care.  He heard from the Lord and wanted our movie to be shot on his course.  
The next day I arrived with my camera and my oldest daughter Adalie to scout out the course.  We both asked Jesus his thoughts about this location individually and then shared notes before we got out of the car.  Jesus spoke clearly to both of us that, "We have arrived at our destination!"  We scouted the course and sure enough I found all my locations.
The church, the city officials, family, friends, film crew all confirmed and welcomed us like family.  It looks like Texas will have to wait for now.  I am trusting God to button up business details so we can officially begin Pre-Production in Shreveport!  Until then I will continue to prep on my own for directing, Perfect Swing!
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