Sunday, June 5, 2016

Our Year in Review - The Production Road to Perfect Swing

On May 31, 2015 we moved out of our house in Lacey, WA.  This is a reflection of the last 12 months away from home.  When I wrote Perfect Swing in 2012 I had no idea the cost of resurrecting a dream to direct feature films with Jesus.  While pursuing this dream it has costs us everything, but our family.  Our house, my videography equipment, our car, all our money and most of our possessions.  When we hit the road May 31st we had two moving trucks, one for donations and the other for a small storage facility in Sherwood, OR.

Only what fit in our Tahoe came with us when we decided to fully embrace the adventure of independent feature filmmaking with Jesus.
We were traveling light and here's some highlights of our year...

In-N-Out in Redding, CA to visit friends...
Bethel Church, Redding, CA
Disneyland with family
Grand Canyon -  Leilani

Grandma and Grandpa Bunfill in Mt Sterling, IL
Our first new home of our own since our move in Winona Lake, IN right on the canal for the next 6 weeks. - June 2015
Working on the movie New Life - Nouvelle Vie as a family!
Here's the Behind the Scenes I created! Coming to theaters October 2016!
Time to hit the trail again!  Heading south to Texas!
Stopping to see more family including Grandma Jump along the way.
Last stop in Shreveport, LA before Texas to visit the Erickson cousins...or is it? - August 2015
We were invited to scout our first golf course in Shreveport, LA for Perfect Swing and God told us to look no further.  "We have arrived!" - Favor - Handed the keys to this golf course to make our movie. - August 2015

Finally made it to Dallas, TX to work on another production as the Animatic Editor for Hillary's America
The girls enjoyed the Dallas Zoo while I worked at the production office.  During this production our financing for Perfect Swing got delayed.  "God where do you want us to live now?  Dallas, Shreveport or back home in Oregon?" - October 2015
Within 24 hrs of that prayer, perfect strangers, and now dear friends, heard from the Lord and told us Jesus wanted us to live here until our movie was complete.  The Erickson family helped us move in after living with them for 7 weeks! Downtown Shreveport - Beautiful, Furnished, Rent Free! - October 2015
This is the storefront "Thrive" right next to our new home!
Thanksgiving with the Bunfill family!

Christmas Eve with cousins.
April's folks celebrated Christmas with us!
My parents brought in the New Year!
Mardi Gras Parade right outside our front door!
Spring at the Asian Gardens across the street.  During this time I am editing 14 television episodes for The National Bible Bee Game Show.

Celebrating Easter with new friends in our home.
Playing the land as a family that God promised to us to make Perfect Swing!
Updating the screenplay, playing and praying over our golf course and letting God do the rest. - May 2016

We have decided to commit another year in Shreveport!  We are hitting the road for summer vacation at the end of June, getting refueled and refreshed back home in Oregon and we are praying and expecting financial breakthrough for Perfect Swing on the way back to Shreveport in August.  Will pre-production begin when we return?  Stay tuned!  God's got this!