Tuesday, September 8, 2015

21 Days of Prayer...

When we arrived in Shreveport we found our locations in the first week.  By the second week the local news interviewed me for a story on the film industry in Shreveport.  You can check it out here:  Billions used to roll through Shreveport Bossier leaving Millions

By the third week the Lord has called us to pray for the next 21 days.  Before we can begin pre-production some things beyond my control need to wrap up first.  April and I have chosen to join our Pastor at Shreveport Community Church in 21 days of prayer.  Today is day 7 and we will conclude September 22.  This is a great time to join our Perfect Swing Prayer Team.  You can sign up for weekly email updates here:  I am also posting daily prayers on www.facebook.com/HighwaterMovies

On Saturday, I was on a date with my wife at Starbucks.  We were enjoying a familiar setting that made us feel at home in the NW with the smells and sounds of coffee, when suddenly a large man with a white beard came up to our table and asked if I worked out.  I laughed and said no I am just a big guy.  He said that he used to play professional football and would like to arm wrestle me for $100.  I said I didn't have $100 cash on me to bet.  He pulled out his $100 and put it on the table.  This made April nervous.  She thought he was trying to hustle us or something.  He said he's left handed and would wrestle me right handed and he just went in to give blood so he was feeling weak and assured us that I would win and politely asked April to scoot on over so we could wrestle.  I laughed again and said why not, let's do this!  We arm wrestled and I won but he didn't even try.  He walked away without saying a word and left the $100 on the table.

We were a little stunned at what just happened.  I asked April to remind me what we were talking about right before he came.  I remembered I just confessed a fear of what if our breakthrough for our movie never comes.  That is actually a fear that's in our movie and one that most people I have found struggle with, the fear of being abandoned by God.  We have such short memories that is why it is important to remind ourselves of His promises daily through His Word and fellowship with Him and other believers.  I have shared this story several times and a lot of people think it was an angel sent to bless us and encourage us.  Here is one of my prayer partner's impression.

 "Wow!! I had the Holy Spirit shoot through my body as I read the story about your date. I also believe that was an angel! The number 100 is God's election of grace. Children of promise. Full reward. Abraham was 100 when his son Isaac was born. Just like Perfect Swing is a promise from God. You are birthing something new and God will give you your full reward. Blessings to the Himes family. Continual prayers going up daily for you all!"