Sunday, June 21, 2015

Route 66 to Nouvelle Vie

We left Ontario, CA June 14th and followed Route 66 most of the way to Mt Sterling, IL.  Since we just came from Cars Land in Disney's California Adventure I could picture how this route and landscape inspired filmmaker John Lasseter.  Our first stop was Flagstaff where we took the afternoon and visited the Grand Canyon.

We walked the South Rim and finally found the lodges and the restaurant.  We were hungry!  We had hamburgers, visited the gift shop, took pictures and admired the historic lodges.  The girls bought souvenirs: hats, t-shirts, keychains, and postcards.  I actually received my souvenir today, on Father's Day, from Zoie.  A Grand Canyon travel mug!  I love it!  We stayed to watch the sunset and then traveled back to Flagstaff seeing multiple elk on the way home.  We traveled to Tucumcari, NM the next night and then through Texas, the Panhandle of Oklahoma, to Wichita Kansas for our last night at a hotel for awhile.  We rated our hotel experience based on the bed and breakfast experience so far its...

1.  Ayres - Ontario, CA
2.  Holiday Inn, Wichita, KS
3.  Rodeway Inn Tumcumcari, NM
4.  Days Inn - Flagstaff, AZ
5.  Ramada - Redding, CA

On Wednesday we crossed the Missouri and Mississippi River and arrived in the small town of Mt. Sterling, IL to visit Grandma and Grandpa Bunfill.  Lonnie and Sherri, April's folks, were also visiting.  It was a great time seeing the old homestead and farms where Lonnie grew up and Lonnie and Sherri's first home.  I found myself thankful that they took a faith trip across country to Oregon when they were young unless April and I may never have found each other.  Good food and great conversations with Grandma and Grandpa.  We felt very loved.  We had lunch on Friday on the flooded Illinois River at the Boatel.  Lonnie even sprung for the frog legs!  Not bad, tastes like chicken.

On Saturday we drove to Winona Lake, Indiana to join the crew of the movie Nouvelle Vie.  Cheri Murphy, an associate producer, and her friend Lynn greeted us on the porch overlooking the canal of Winona Lake.  They were as excited as we were to show us the house.  They decorated, furnished and supplied it themselves!  New towels, comforters, recliners etc.  They even had friends donate toys for the playroom.  They even bought new DVDs for the girls.  It feels like a vacation house on the lake.  It's been three weeks since we moved out of our house and this is our first place that is our home.  It may be for only four weeks but it's ours and we are excited to serve the crew of Nouvelle Vie with our talents and skills.  Next week stay tuned for my video of Week #1 Behind the Scenes of Nouvelle Vie!

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

California Dream Vacation

Wow!  What an amazing week!  I feel totally refreshed and recharged!  It's incredible what an great vacation will do for the mind, soul and body!  The stress from our move is just a distant memory.
We gave God the first fruits of our vacation by spending two nights in Redding, CA to see our friend Ciara and worship and rest at Bethel Church!  The Lord confirmed our journey yet again and reminded us how much He loves us!  We also celebrated Zoie's 9th Birthday!
On Monday we drove to La Verne, CA to celebrate my brother's graduation for the week!  He is now Dr. Brant Himes!  We spent two days in Disneyland!  It was amazing and inspiring!  Thanks Mom and Dad for the trip and Brant and Jackie for being the perfect host and the best Disney tour guides ever!

The hotel we stayed at was beautiful with a great hot breakfast.  It was great to be with family!  Truly I feel blessed and wooed by Jesus as he gently transitions us into our new life!  Next week we begin traveling east!  Oh what does Jesus have planned for us next?

Friday, June 5, 2015

On the road! - Hello Oregon

It has begun!  We moved out of our house in Lacey, WA last Sunday May 31st and put our stuff in storage in Sherwood, OR so we can travel light for the next year of movie production!  The first night in Oregon I was flooded with images and story for the sequel of Perfect Swing.  Which tells me God has big plans for Perfect Swing if He is already preparing me for a sequel.  I wrote the outline and shared in with my partners and if I find myself with 2 weeks downtime this summer perhaps I will write the screenplay.  But first Summer Vacation!

This week in Oregon has been with our parents and visiting with old friends.

We spent the first half of the week in Sherwood and the second half in Hillsboro.  Last night we celebrated my Dad's 65th Birthday!

It's been a great week to rest from our emotional move.  Tomorrow we drive to Redding, CA to see friends and get filled up at Bethel Church as well as celebrate Zoie's 9th Birthday on Sunday!  The last time I was at Bethel for a Heaven in Business Conference last August we experienced breakthrough for Perfect Swing.  I am excited for my girls to experience Bethel, we already listen to their worship as a family and April and I never miss a podcast.  We always get encouraged by the ministries of Bethel.  I am excited to see what God has for us this weekend!

Next week we will be celebrating my brother's graduation as he receives his Phd.  My folks are treating us to Disneyland!

Stay tuned for a new blog from a new state next week, as we make our way to Winona Lake, Indiana to join the movie crew of Nouvelle Vie!