Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winner Takes All or How to Win...

I am stuffed.  I've been feasting for the last month with family in town.  This is actually my first week back to normal since the holidays.  It was even supposed to begin yesterday but a Mardi Gras parade went past my front door yesterday, so we celebrated another day!  I am not complaining, I am just filled up and ready to go!  Filled up with ideas and vision for Perfect Swing and my company, Highwater and filled with expectation of what God is going to do in 2016.
What do y'all think of my vision poster above?  It's not the movie poster it's the vision poster.  Movie posters are created after the film is complete.  This vision poster is for me.  I printed it out professionally and it hangs next to my desk and is the first thing I see when I walk in the door and come downstairs, it's my vision poster, "Winner Takes All"!  So what is a win for me this year?  I bet you can guess.  Perfect Swing in production!  I want to return to the Great NW with big metal hard drives hanging over my shoulder like a trophy kill, containing beautiful footage and performances to tell this inspirational story.  With that hard drive full, I can start editing the movie together, create teasers and trailers, behind the scenes webisodes, making of documentary and even the real finished movie poster!  Which I am sure I will need some help on.  Filmmaking is collaborative.  It takes many people to make a great film, many winners.  I can't direct this film without having a winning attitude.  The story is about an underdog family winning everything with everything on the line.  I am living it and each day becomes less daunting and more exciting.  I am learning how to hear God's voice and make the brave decisions each day to be faith filled and expectant verses fearful.  So how are we going to win and take all the spoils home and be even more exhausted from feasting and even more filled with vision to make this world a better place?  I am going to trust that Jesus is with me everyday and guiding each and every step.  He knows the way to my destiny because He's the one who designed it for me.