Sunday, June 11, 2017

Perfect Swing the Movie - "One Sheet"

Genre: Family/Faith/Sports-Golf

Logline: After recently losing her swing, a young greenskeeper must defend her family’s home course against clear-cutting land developers and discover the power hidden within her swing in a high stakes game of golf.

When Sage’s father stepped to the tee he always prayed for the presence of God to fall upon him.  He described the experience like gentle fire flowing from his head all the way down to his feet.  When he swung God’s Fire blazed around him, impacting him and everyone around him.

After his sudden death, Sage buries all her hopes and dreams including her father’s last gift to her, a custom made driver.  But when giants of industry boastfully invade her family’s course and make plans of their own, she drives them away by hitting golf balls at their heads. To avoid a lawsuit, a winner-take-all exhibition match is set up between young Sage Green and a PGA Masters Champion, who is unaware that his victory will rob the Green family of their home.  

When there seems like no possible way for Sage to win, a familiar guide helps her remember that this course was designed especially for her and teaches her that you can’t win an inheritance, you receive one just by being a daughter.  As Sage Green receives her perfect swing from Jesus, she is filled with red laser, electric power and watches heaven open, changing her and everyone around her, forever!

Producer: Chad Gundersen

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